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System Over view, Data dictionary, program, OO ABAP, SD module basic


Deign & Architecture of Software Systems,Internet of Things

Full Stack Android Development

Android, SQL, Architecture

Full Stack Web Development

Java, JavaScript, Spring boot, ReactJs, Architecture

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  • ABAP- Advanced Business Application Programming 
  • very descriptive language so only needed basic coding idea.
  • 4th generation language easy to understand and code
  • data connection is done using abap so no extra language to interact UI & database 
  • SAP has always been exciting and improves your chances of getting hire
  • higher packages jobs as it creates ample opportunities

SAP Course Overview


Introduction to ABAP Objects, Program Logic 


OO-ABAP: Classes and Interfaces, Inheritance, Exception Class
Few Design Patterns- Singleton, Factory, MVC


Tables, structures, Data elements, Domains
Basic select, insert, update, delete table operation


Reports: Classical, Interactive, ALV
Module Pool

sales & distribution management

SAP SD Module Overview 


live project case study with documents and interview


  • Deign & Architecture of Software Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Software Engineering for the Cloud
  • Developing for Blockchain
  • Independently Design, Code and Build IOT products

IOT Course Overview

Objective of the Course

Understanding IoT fundamentals, 

Arduino Simulation

Setup the IDE, Writing Arduino Software

Sensor & Actuators

Overview of Sensors working, 


Wireless Networking, Web server- introduction, installation, configuration

Cloud Platforms

Study of IOT Cloud platforms


live project case study with documents and interview

Full Stack Android Development

  • Introduction to Android
  • Creating Android Project
  • Debugging Application and testing
  • Android Graphics and Multimedia
  • Android Networking
  • Complete App Development

Andriod Course Overview

JAVA Concepts

OOPs Concepts, Inheritance in detail,  Exception handling


Building blocks, UI Components, 

Application Structure

Layouts & Drawable Resources,  Activities and Activity lifecycle

Basic UI design

Menu, UI design, Tabs, Styles, Widgtes, Notifications, Fragments


Launching emulator, Editing emulator settings,  Emulator shortcuts


live project case study with documents and interview

Full Stack Web Development

  • Complete web Development application
  • Introduction to Java, JavaScript
  • Create responsive, accessible, and beautiful layouts
  • Node.js, Express js, Mongo DB, Reactjs
  • Create enterprise style applications with advanced features

FS Course Overview

Introduction to Java, JavaScript

Basic Fundamentals, usage of javascript, Advantage  


React Components, components interact with one another, Hook actions


Introduction to database, MongoDB, 

Front End

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back End

Spring & Hibernate  Frameworks


live project case study with documents and interview